Name Lookup tool user guideVersion: 9.9.7

You can use the search box at the top of every page or the advanced search to search ABN Lookup one record at a time. However, if you have multiple names to lookup, the Name Lookup tool may assist.

Getting started

The Name Lookup tool allows you to easily and efficiently do multiple searches on ABN Lookup using names recorded against an ABN.

This tool allows you to enter names where you do not know the ABN or ACN. Then, with the press of a button, you can retrieve matching names and corresponding ABNs from the ABN Lookup website.

For the technically minded, the tool has been developed using the ABN Lookup web services.

System requirements

  • Software
    • Microsoft Excel 2010 or higher with macros enabled. Please refer to the product documentation to find out how to enable macros for your version of Excel.
  • Internet
    • To use the Name Lookup tool you must be connected to the internet

Saving the Name Lookup tool

If you download the tool from the ABN Lookup web site, you need to save and open the tool using Excel rather than opening it from within the browser. Running the tool from within the browser may generate a Run Time Error.

Launching the Name Lookup tool

From the saved location, open the Name Lookup tool using Excel.

Macros must be enabled for the Name Lookup tool to work. Depending on the version of Excel and your macro security settings, you may need to enable macros when you first open the tool. Please refer to the product documentation for more information on enabling macros for your version of Excel.

Using the Name Lookup tool

For demonstration purposes the Name Lookup tool is pre-populated with the names of a number of government entities.

To perform your own searches, simply replace the contents of Column A (Name) with your own list of names.

NOTE: When entering names into Column A, do not leave any empty rows as the lookup process terminates when it reaches the first empty row.

Click the Start Lookup button located at the top of the Criteria worksheet. The Name Lookup dialogue box will appear.

Provided you are connected to the internet, when you click the Start button a request is sent to the ABN Lookup web site for each Name listed in Column A. Matching names are returned and used to populate the Matching Records worksheet. The process can be halted at any time by clicking the Cancel button.

Search results explained

The Name Lookup tool contains two worksheets:

  • Criteria: used to enter search criteria
  • Matching Records: used to display search results

The worksheets are described below.

Criteria worksheet

Enter your search criteria into the Criteria worksheet.

Criteria worksheet
Column Name Description
A Name
  • Required - search text
C Reference number
  • Optional - reference number for linking the name back to source data
  • Useful if names come from a database with a unique identifier
D State
  • Optional - filter by state/territory e.g. NSW ACT VIC etc
  • Default is all states and territories
  • Separate multiple states with a space
E Postcode
  • Optional - filter by postcode
  • Default is all postcodes
  • Only one postcode can be entered
F Search width
  • Optional - defines how broad the search is (Typical or Narrow)
  • Default is Typical
  • Narrow is faster than Typical but returns fewer matches
G Limit
  • Optional - limit number of results displayed
  • Default is 10
  • To list all results, enter a large number - e.g. 1,000 or 2,000
H Omit
  • Enter N to skip the name during the lookup process
I Matches found
  • Populated by the search process
  • Number of records returned
  • Always less than or equal to Limit specified in Column G
J Lookup status
  • Populated by the search process
  • Shows progress of lookup process and any error messages

Matching Records worksheet

Search results are displayed in the Matching Records worksheet.

Matching Records worksheet
Column Name Description
A Search text
  • Copied from Column A (Name) on the Criteria worksheet
B Matching name
  • List of matching names
  • Results are ordered by relevance
  • Links to the ABN record on ABN Lookup web site
  • Number of names listed is always less than or equal to figured entered in Column G (Limit) on the Criteria worksheet
C Reference number
  • Copied from Column C (Reference number) on the Criteria worksheet
D Current name
  • Y if name is still current
  • N is name is historical
E Match score (%)
  • A measure of how well the name matches the criteria
  • A score of 100 is an exact match
  • Australian Business Number associated with the matching name
G ABN status
  • Current ABN status
  • Either Active or Cancelled
H State
  • State of current main business location
I Postcode
  • Postcode of current main business location
J Name type
  • Entity name, business name etc

Trouble Shooting

Run time error

The Name Lookup tool has been developed using Microsoft Excel. Whilst you can open Excel spreadsheets from within the browser window, the functionality required to be able to run the tool may not be available. If you attempt to run the lookup process from within the browser, Run Time Errors may be generated. Depending on how your machine is configured, these Run Time Errors will include Error '91' or Error '9'. Whilst other errors are possible, these are the most common.

In order to run the tool, save the file then open and run the spreadsheet from the saved location using Excel.

Macros security

The Name Lookup tool contains macros. The macros must be enabled for the tool to work correctly. Please refer to the product documentation to find out how to enable macros for your version of Excel.

Error connecting to the internet

To use the Name Lookup tool you must be connected to the internet and your firewall configured to allow Excel to access the internet.